“You can lie, b…

“You can lie, but your boner can’t.” – Sterling Archer

Danger Zone

I can’t wait for this next season.

Getting into some WordPress guts

Getting into some WordPress guts

Let’s post a picture and talk in plural first person.

Phoenix Tears

The first day of the rest of your life is such a cliche but in this case, it couldn’t be more true for me.  So much in the last year happened.  I made a leap of faith and went with a start up company. I put a lot of time and energy into it.  It was my baby and I loved it more than I loved myself at times.  So much sleep lost forever.  A woman who fell in and then out of love because she feared my passion for this project was simply an excuse from a workaholic.  A new beginning must come from every ending, so here is mine… fiery death giving birth to something new and beautiful.  Might as well learn WordPress…